SEOs Job in 2015 (is not what you think anymore)

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I'm guessing that we are all feeling the changes in the SEOs job requirements. Google has made sure we develop this industry and set up rules to "through the garbage out". The SEO is not what it used to be. The Past We all remember the good old times when SEO rules (breaking) were a common practice and link building was simply a home page URL submission to a list of directories and bookmarking sites. Then you just write an article or two submit is a gazillion article directories  - and it worked. The Present Well it does not work any more and the past several years have been filled with re...

How To Find Good SEO

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Lately I've been browsing the SEO blogs for the advice they provide to clients and business owners on how to select the right SEO Consultants and vendors for their website or company. I see that the advice they provide is published back in 2013 and people have learned a lot since then. So the set of questions that will help you diverse the good SEOs from the bad ones have changed a bit. So here is what you should ask: 1. What do you need from me? A good SEO will ask you the right questions to make a good SEO Audit for your website. So if you get questions such as: "How much are you willing t...

What to Tell Your SEO

The latest White Board Friday session with Rand Fishkin motivated me to think about how related SEO is to online marketing. Basically I'll explain the information that your SEO Expert needs to make a good SEO Audit. Rand includes information I believe are a lot more related to creating a good online marketing strategy rather then SEO strategy. What do you do? So the first question "What is that you produce or offer as a service that would provide benefit or help the organic searchers?" This is a typical marketing question. It's a description of your product or service and your competitive ad...