These are the tools I use in my everyday work process:

1. Moz Pro Account: extremely helpful in identifying double content issues, double titles and descriptions, missing meta data and similar. This tool has helped me recover a website heavily penalized by Panda for adopting old SEO tactics like double content for hundreds of location related pages.

2. Google Webmaster Tools  -helps me see what Google sees:)

3. Google Analytics  -very complex tool that shows me all about the website performance. There is always something new to to learn about it’s features.

4. Screaming Frog – the first tool I utilize when making a SEO proposal for a new project or if i need a quick check up of a website structure.

5.  - Moz tool for a quick peek on the competitors backlinks profile or a client backlinks analysis.

6. – for a fast review of a website performance especially when preparing a proposal or a competitor analysis.

7. Xenu – broken links analysis, well known one….

I’ll be updating the list as new ones get discovered and found useful. For any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me.