What to Tell Your SEO

The latest White Board Friday session with Rand Fishkin motivated me to think about how related SEO is to online marketing. Basically I’ll explain the information that your SEO Expert needs to make a good SEO Audit. Rand includes information I believe are a lot more related to creating a good online marketing strategy rather then SEO strategy.

What do you do?

So the first question “What is that you produce or offer as a service that would provide benefit or help the organic searchers?” This is a typical marketing question. It’s a description of your product or service and your competitive advantage identification. And I can not say it is not relevant to SEO. Actually it is very important cause the answer to this question will give you the weapons to identify your ideal target visitor and the means to get the user over to your website.

The Uniqueness

Next “What is the unique value we provide?” is a very hard question to answer since there aren’t many things to be unique about today. Sometimes you feel like everything is already created. So businesses follow the pattern of adding value to traditional products or services and define that as their uniqueness. But this  is actually an additional sales point, not so much a  unique value. So this is very tough one.


The third question “Who will help amplify your message and why?” is actually a very important question since it helps the SEO professional determine where and how to create backlinks for your website. The answer to this question determines the offsite SEO target audience. Maybe it would be better to ask if you know who has direct influence over your client’s ideal customer?

Website Sales Funnels

The next question Rand is focusing on is the lead generation process that is executed on the website. He says it’s important to know if the client has determined the website sales funnel and how the website visitors turn into leads. I’m wondering if this question is essential for SEO. SEO is about getting the website organic positioning on search engines for the right keywords that will get the client the right people over to their website. SEO is a path to lead generation, but lead generation can be done through all sorts of paid advertising as well. So determining the sales funnel on the website is a lot about online marketing tactics and I wonder what was Rand thinking when he included this question in the SEO Audit questions list?

Website Content and Structure

Now this is the question that will impact the SEO Audit most of all: “How do we expose what we do that provides value here in a way that engines can easily crawl, index, understand, and show off?” This question is determining the actual onsite SEO efforts that need to be taken to set the website right, following search engine guidelines and help the spider crawl it easier, as well as help the search engine classify it better. Determine the right way to present the content, the service or product values and features so that search engines index the content correctly and help the website visitor get the right information fast, easy and keep him/her on the website so that the time on time is increased and the bounce rate is decreased.

Good one Rand, thanks:)