Google-Twitter Deal and SEO

SEO Blog Posts on 10 Feb , 2015

Looks like twits are back in Google search as in the good old days when Google real time search was working.

Google has confirmed that the deal with Twitter is on and that the search results will be presenting the most relevant twits for the search query used.

This will affect the free twits only and not the sponsored twits, unless previously published as free twits on Twitter.

How is This Going to Work?

There was a time when twits were indexed and presented in search results but the deal was cut off back in 2011 when the Twitter CEO decided they need to have more control over their content. Now they say things will work differently and there is an additional benefit for Twitter: when a Twitter user clicks on the search result, he/she will be taken to the twit page directly to view its content. When a  non-Twitter user clicks on a twit displayed in a search result he/she will be taken to a registration page that will increase the chances of Twitter getting more subscribers. So Twitter has an additional motivation to sign this deal, besides traffic and popularity.

Twitter has done this before, back in July 2014 when they cut a deal with Bing. But this move, partnering up with a search engine that still holds 75% of the worlds search market, guarantees them a great increase in traffic and popularity.

On the other side Google will get access to real time fresh results especially for news stories that get published on Twitter within matter of minutes.

So How Does This Affect SEO?

This is another great reason why social media management should be an integrated part of every SEO strategy. Posting interesting stuff with well constructed twits content that includes your target keywords can affect the popularity of your Twitter profile, your website traffic and brand visibility. This confirms the effects of social media over SEO.

How will Google search algorithm choose the twits, will it favor some influencers’ content over other twitter profiles, it remains to be tested. But this opens another door for businesses that want to improve their organic positioning.