10 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

SEO Blog Posts on 27 Feb , 2015

Small businesses SEO can be so beneficial. These businesses usually have low budgets, local clients and sometimes make mistakes on the way. So here are some tips for the small business owners to start practicing safe and useful SEO and hints what to avoid.

Start doing SEO today. SEO takes time and SEO is a non stop work. But it is not time consuming or expensive work once you have set up the onsite SEO right and you have set up the back links acquiring process. Results will not come over night, you have to show dedication and patience. But you have to start right away. The longer you wait, the longer you miss out on the benefits SEO provides.

There are no two websites on the world wide web that are the same. As soon as you see past results and experience, ask your chosen SEO expert for a strategy for your site specifically and watch for the questions you will get. You can learn a lot about the person you are willing to hire by the type of questions you are asked by this person.

Create a website for people, not search engines. One thing that Google and other search engines want most these days is good quality information and top website user experience. So do not think about keywords, keywords density, number of characters and all that old school stuff. Think about what your website visitor would think about the information you have provided. Will this person be motivated to say: “Hey now this is something useful, I’ll use this and I’ll tell my friends about it!” If you manage to write content that good, your SEO expert will be very grateful and you’ll quit paying for adds.

The website is a living mater. You can not write down all the content for your website and stop there. You need to add information constantly. Every industry has relevant events, news, every company has knowledge and experience that can be shared. So there is always a lot of material to write about. Never stop writing.

Make sure you have a blog. The blog is a wonderful place to put all your company news, product reviews, projects case studies, industry related opinions and all that new content which is related to your services and products but does not belong on your services page. The blog posts have to have a proper SEO setting and that makes them very valuable for the overall SEO of the website.

Don’t copy content from other sites. No matter how much you like the post on someones’ blog – do not copy. You can read it and write a post about how much you like this post (refer to it by linking back) comment on it if you agree or disagree and make sure you share it on social media channels. Even ping the author of the original post to make sure he/she sees you point of view on this specific topic and you may even get a nice comment and a link back. Same goes for your products and services pages.

How to do local SEO? If your clients are local make sure you understand how they search online for services and products such as yours. Use that info as bases for your keywords analysis and think about using all other aspect of good local SEO to get to your target audience.

Reach out to industry influencers. These people can help you by sending out the news about your products and services to your target audience. Sometimes even your customers can be part of the influencers. So always treat your clients well as a good customer is a returning customer as well.

Build links carefully. After the Penguin, link building has become a hazard for many sites. the tactics that once brought so much traffic, PR juice and SEO benefits became the webmasters worst nightmare. Today you have to build links from authority and relevant sources only.

Subscribe to authority SEO sites such as the Search Engine Watch and the Moz. Always be aware of the news about SEO, latest search engine updates, best practices, tools reviews that can help you do SEO better.